Jack Sian and The Kings Chalice

"An exciting, engrossing and entertaining first novel"
(from Jane Sandell's review in the Scotsman - see Facebook page for full review)

Jack’s family has watched over the Stone of Destiny for hundreds of years – part of a pact made long ago with the ancient kings of Scotland.

The Destiny Stone has made the Shian magycks much stronger. Little wonder that its return after hundreds of years is celebrated – but the prospect of controlling the Stone’s power has revived ancient rivalries.

When Jack Shian and his cousins realise that a legendary chalice, lost for centuries, may make the Destiny Stone even more powerful, the quest begins – and they must find it before the evil Brashat.

Their travels take them to France, and to the enchantress Tamlina in the woods of Keldy. They encounter plots and intrigues, the foolishness of adults, betrayal, and the mysterious power of Gosol.

And for good measure Jack finds that there are skeletons hidden in his family cupboard.

Jack Shian and the King’s Chalice is the first in the Shian Quest trilogy which follows Jack Shian and his cousins Petros, Rana, Lizzie and Ossian as they search for the magyckal treasures that will make the Destiny Stone even stronger.

The Shian Quest continues with

  • Jack Shian and the Mapa Mundi
  • Jack Shian and the Destiny Stone

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