Welcome to the Shian Quest!

Here you can find out about Jack Shian and his otherworld family, and the quest Jack must make to recover ancient Shian treasures. A quest involving plots, intrigues, and betrayal.

The first treasure is the King’s chalice – and there are more to come in the second and third stories…

… and you can bet that there’s evil Shian in the hunt too.

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Shian can look like any creature you’ve ever imagined - and many that you haven’t. Find out more about who they are and where they live in the Characters and creatures section.

The Shian magycks are growing stronger with the return of the Stone of Destiny, so Jack has moved
to the Shian square under Edinburgh castle.

You see, the Shian and human worlds intersect.

Find out how and where here.

Here's some short audio clips to give you a flavour...

Illustrations by Rossi Gifford 



Chapter 2

Chapter 5